Wing Snob

Wing Snob

Wing Snob is a fast-growing chicken wing franchise coming out of Michigan. As the franchise expands its locations through the Mid-West and East Coast they encountered brand inconsistencies and challenging production times.

As more locations opened, Wing Snob was looking for a partner that understood the importance of brand awareness and consistency. They were looking to streamline their franchisees marketing products process in order to create an overall seamless experience for all regardless of the location.

The Brandit Agency developed a custom online multi-location ordering portal offering top-quality custom branded products to all their franchisees. Bandit manages the full process from design to product sourcing, QA, and fulfillment.

As we focus on creating amazing products with a seamless process for the franchisees, Wing Snob focuses on expanding its footprint all across the nation. Now that’s what we call a partnership!

Wing Snob
Multi-Location Franchise
November 10, 2020
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